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Nash Antique Postcard

Craft and Print Fourth of July Postcards

Looking for amazing graphics to use in your patriotic and fourth of July crafting projects? Look for antique postcards! Print and frame as-is or use them for tags, cards, to help decorate a wreath or other postcard projects. This selection is from my personal collection of antique postcards, feel free to print, copy, use as […]

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Postcrossing: Fun Postcard Project for the Kids

I love the concept of It’s touching base with random people around the world through postcards. Simply put, you send a postcard and get a postcard from another member of the site from somewhere around the world, then register the card on the website to help make sure those who receive cards are also […]

Sodastream Review

Sodastream Review

Sodastream lets you make your own soda at home but how does it taste and does it save you money? There really isn’t a solid yes or no to any of the questions people usually have about Sodastream but we’ve taste tested and number crunched to find out just how Sodastream measures up. What Sodastream […]


Hidden costs of coupons

The Hidden Cost of Couponing

Coupons are like free money in a way. Tiny private sales delivered to you in your paper every Sunday, and sometimes on Wednesday. They offer savings on top of sales at your favorite discount or grocery store on the things we need most. But are coupons actually costing us money? Find out about the hidden […]

save on medicines

7 Ways to Save Money on Prescriptions

We all get sick from time to time and seeing the bill for prescriptions makes you feel even sicker. Take some of the stress out of your life with these 7 tips to save money on prescriptions. Learn Your Insurance Make sure before you or a family member falls ill that you know what your […]

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5 Fun summer activities for kids

5 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Teachers everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief as school ends. Parents everywhere are trying to figure out how to keep cries of “I’m bored” at bay. Need something to keep the kids busy this summer? Try these five fun summer activities for kids. Splat Art Send the kids outside to make a fun mess […]

How to Publish on Smashwords

How to Publish an eBook on SmashWords

There are a lot of self publisher eBook companies around and this number is likely to continue to grow as more and more people read on their Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and other tablets. In a way, publishing has come full circle for authors. At one time, almost all books were self-published. Then the publishing houses […]

Photography & Technology

digital photography noise

Digital photography has brought photography to many more people than have ever taken photographs with film. Unfortunately, noise in digital photography is not as aesthetically pleasing as grain was with film. Likely you have seen digital noise in your own photographs, a burst of colored dots scattered across your photo, especially in dark areas. When […]

Instagram Photo Tips

Sharing photos on Instagram? Share the better photos with these easy Instagram photo tips. Hip to Be Square Instagram uses a square format for photos. When taking photos through the Instagram app, a square format will automatically used for the photo. However, if you use a photo from your photo library, it will have to […]