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Bar Stool Makeover Project

Easy Bar Stool Makeover – Recover For a Fast Style Update

Bar stools are versatile but they are also expensive for the nice ones. So far too many of us wind up with cheap Wal-Mart folding bar stools. The flat tops with really bad fake leather just don’t work for most decor though. Luckily, it’s easy and cheap to recover the bar stools. In fact, it’s […]

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Easy Orange Chicken Recipe

Quick and Easy Orange Chicken Recipe

I can’t cook a lot of things, but occasionally I get it right. My quick, easy, and delicious orange chicken recipe is one I got right. Whether I need to bribe the kidlets to behave or “win” the church potluck, this is my go-to recipe. And the best part is it is quick, whether I […]

Easy Beef Pot Roast Crock-Pot Recipe

Easy Beef Pot Roast Crock-Pot Recipe

Pot roast is a favorite crock-pot meal for our family but we don’t like the tomato overload so many recipes call for creating. This easy beef pot roast recipe keeps the flavor of the beef intact and the vegetables are not mushy. This is a great dish for pot luck meals or to feed a […]

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3 Hour Rag Quilt - Christening Cross Baby Blanket Pattern

3 Hour Baby Rag Quilt

Need a last second baby shower gift? This rag quilt is super fast and easy. In fact, it took much longer to write this tutorial than actually make the quilt. It really does work up in 3 hours from first cut to last clip. Perfect for beginners or old pros at quilting. Simplified down to […]

DIY Hat Stand for Craft Show

DIY Hat Stand Display for Craft Shows

You’ve made dozens of adorable hats, baby bonnets, beanies, and other hats for the craft sale but last time people just looked right over them because they were just laid out flat on a table. Hat displays for craft shows are not cheap though so can you make your own? How can you make a […]


Cheap Mineral Makeup Foundation Reviews

Best Mineral Makeup Foundations – Reviews of the Top Low Cost Brands

Review by Hubadub contributor Gen Connell Hello my fellow sensitive-skinned ladies. Mineral foundation makeup is one of the more popular choices for sensitive-skin makeup solutions. The trick is finding one that works and won’t break the bank. I know trying to find a great mineral foundation sounds like an expensive adventure, but that is what […]


Cancer Patients and Chemo Care Packs

If you or a family member have gone through chemotherapy, you already know how difficult the process can be and how it’s the little things that count. But there are some items that are helpful in making the process, hopefully, a little bit easier to bear. At least that’s the goal of Tenaciously Teal, a […]

Photography & Technology

Armored Warfare Open Beta Starts

Obsidian isn’t the first game company you think of when you think of a war game but that’s just what they’ve rolled out now. Armored Warfare (AW) is a tank based war game. Armored Warfare open Beta started a few days ago, with promises of no more data wipes from the company. So what you […]

Changing WiFi connection to metered in Windows 10

Windows 10 has been a huge roll out for Microsoft in a little time. As such, people are still finding “poison pills,” features they hate, in the new OS. One of the big gripes is that you can not turn off automatic updates in Windows 10 Home edition, you can only delay the restart. This […]