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DIY Halloween Wreath with Eyes

Make a Creepy Eyeball Halloween Wreath

I adore Halloween! The one holiday where running around to multiple family houses isn’t required. It’s also the one holiday that really lends itself to a morbid sense of humor. So of course, I’ve already started decorating for Halloween. Make a creepy eyeball Halloween wreath quickly, easily, and cheaply with these instructions. Step 1 Prepare […]

Eats & Treats

Quick Kitchen Hack: Biscuit Cutter

Quick Kitchen Hack: Biscuit Cutter

There are as many different biscuit recipes as there are people…and probably more. But one thing that almost all of the recipes call for is cutting the biscuit dough into circles before baking. Now, there are a lot of biscuit cutters out there. Some cheap (that usually break really fast), others fairly expensive that last […]

Simple Salsa Recipe

Simple Salsa Recipe

Fast, easy, and yummy! This simple salsa recipe is sure to please and it is fast to make. PrintSimple Salsa Recipe Total Time: 5 minutesNumber of servings: 16 Per Serving 10 calories Fat 0 g Carbs 2 g Protein 0 g 16 See full nutrition! Ingredients 10 ounce jar of diced Tomatoes with green Chilies […]


Backyard Bird Guide Northern Cardinal

Backyard Bird Guide: Northern Cardinal

Backyard Bird Guide: Northern Cardinal Range: Most of the Eastern and Central United States (Click here for full map) Size: Northern Cardinals are large for songbirds (about 9″) but smaller than a crow. Shape: Slenderish perching birds that often look larger due to a tendency to puff out the feathers. Male and female both have […]

Tufted Titmouse Backyard Bird Guide

Backyard Bird Guide: Tufted Titmouse

Backyard Bird Guide: Tufted Titmouse Range: Most of the Eastern United States (Click here for full map) Size: Tufted Titmice (yes, that’s the plural for titmouse) are small birds that fit in between cardinals and chickadees in size. Shape: Slenderish perching birds with a shape more similar to a mocking bird than a finch or […]

Entertainment & Travel

Bachelorette Interview-Patrick Jagodzinski

Meet Patrick Jagodzinski of The Bachelorette

Patrick Jagodzinski was one of the bachelors vying for the attentions of Andi Dorfman on the latest season of The Bachelorette. While he didn’t receive Andi’s final rose, he did have a memorable experience being on the show. Here he shares some of his thoughts about how things panned out, what he thinks of some […]

Top 10 Beach Photo Tips

Beach Photo Tips

Summertime is beach time! Don’t forget to get some great beach photos while you are on vacation this year. Check out my top 10 beach photo tips to help you get great photos. Beach Photo Tip #1: Protect Your Gear It isn’t sexy but protecting your gear is the first step to great beach photos. […]

Photography & Technology

When to use vertical and horizontal photos

Should you take all your photos with the camera in its default horizontal position or should you turn it so your shots are vertical? It all depends on what you are shooting and why. Keep reading to get the details on when to use horizontal photos and when to shoot in vertical orientation. Horizontal or […]

Leading Lines Photography Lesson

Leading lines is probably the second most commonly quoted “rule” of photography after the Rule of Thirds. Leading lines simply refers to a line within a photo that leads your eye from one area to another within the frame. When used in conjuction with techniques like the rule of thirds, centering, point of view, or […]