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Winter Emergency Kit

Make a Winter Weather Emergency Kit for Your Car

Cold weather may be common in your hometown or rare but either way, you need to be prepared for it should you be stranded in cold weather. Keeping an emergency kit in your car is one of the best ways to be prepared should you be stranded on the road due to breakdown or icy […]

Eats & Treats

© Rozmarina | - Mug Of Hot Cocoa Photo

Hot Chocolate Maker, Best “Frivolous” Appliance!

I really don’t get too carried away about those silly appliances and gadgets seen on late night TV or infomercials or lining the end caps of the department stores/ This one is really different. Honestly! I love a good mug of  cocoa and over the years have tried different homemade recipes, but I usually get […]

When did Thanksgiving start

When Did Thanksgiving Become a Holiday

Thanksgiving didn’t become an annual National Holiday for many, many years after the first Thanksgiving in 1621 and didn’t become Federal law until even later. In fact, the Pilgrims didn’t have another celebration like Thanksgiving for years after the first one. For many years, Thanksgiving in the United States was a one time holiday, declared […]


5 Easy Winter Life Hacks

5 Easy Winter Life Hacks to Keep You Warmer

Keep a warmer this winter with these easy and cheap winter life hacks. 1. Toasty Warm Shoes Before you go to bed, put your shoes opening down on top of a heat vent. In the morning you’ll have toasty warm shoes to help keep your feet warm longer. 2. Warm Coats Place a coat rack […]

SnapBox Fabric peel and stick poster review

Review of SnapBox Fabric Peel and Stick Posters

A new way to put photos on the walls is like candy to a photographer. A way to put photos on the walls without nails and at a low price? That’s pretty much completely irresistible. That’s where SnapBox fabric peel and stick posters come in. Starting at 75 cents for a 4×4 fabric print and […]

Entertainment & Travel

Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids: Thanksgiving Car Travel Tips

Ahhh Thanksgiving. Time for long trips with the kids to reach far-flung relatives. For many of us, that means travel by car. Long car rides are rarely easy with children but these Thanksgiving car travel tips will help you make traveling with kids much easier. 1. Let them sleep There’s a reason your parents pulled […]

Scary Reading List Top 5 Picks

Halloween Reading List: Top 5 Spooky Stories for Halloween

Halloween is the time for spooky right? So curl up by the fire and read by the light of a candle until you are too scared to sleep with these picks for our Halloween reading list! 5. Call of Cthulu From Supernatural to Scooby Doo, it seems EVERYONE is on the Cthulu geek train. Isn’t […]

Photography & Technology

Gratuitous Cute Kitten - Adopt a Stray

Blue eyed animals often get red eye because they lack a specific membrane in the eye[/caption]Green eye is the pet version of red eye in human photography. It has led to many jokes of demon pets in my household over the years. That and some really bad jokes about traffic signals because we have cats […]

How to Photograph Flowers

Flowers are both a common photo subject and a fascinating one. There is a never-ending array of colors, shapes, and arrangements of flowers. I love that there is always something different to photograph when it comes to flowers. Plus, flowers don’t run away when you want to photograph them like animals or your own kids […]