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Cheese-Topped Beer Bread

Cheese-Topped Beer Bread (Polish Chleb Piwny) Recipe

Eastern Europeans use beer in many recipes. Bread is obvious, but beer soups also are very common. These recipes bring out one’s frugal side because stale beer left over from a wild and crazy night of partying can be used. I like to make my bread with fresh, craft beers (I used Blue Moon Winter […]

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Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe

When I ask family and friends what I can bring to a get-together, I’ll invariably get a request for my Cream Cheese Pound Cake. I decided to put a new spin on this moist, dense cake by adding semisweet chocolate chips to the batter. This cake is baked in a Bundt pan, has a shelf […]

Cold Strawberry Pie Recipe

Southern Strawberry Pie Recipe

I read a study once that said Americans only eat around 4.5 pounds of strawberries a year. I can only assume the study didn’t include the Southern states where most people feast on strawberries while they are in season, sometimes eating them as a meal on their own. One of the most popular, and sought […]

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DIY Spool Pattern Weight

Make a Cute DIY Pattern Weight

Growing up, mom used her silverware as pattern weights when sewing. Newer tableware just doesn’t have the weight though and using canned goods from the pantry just just cumbersome. The solution? Make your own pattern weights. Washers from the hardware store are a cheap supply that is fairly heavy on their own. Stack a few […]

Easy Sew D&D Style Dice Bag

Easy Sew Dice Bag

Tabletop gamers, whether they be old school Dungeons and Dragons players or newer tabletop game aficionados, have a soft spot in their hearts for dice. Gamers collect dice and hold onto their dice with the ferociousness of a mother bear defending her cubs (I admit to still having the first two d10s I bought). As […]


Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Photo Credit: © Artsybee This might be an over-generalization, but nearly every man I know loves to cook. Some of these fellows are of chef caliber while others are mad scientists in the kitchen. These Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to please any man who loves to eat, cook, grill or read about food! […]

Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On Review

Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On Review

Like most women in their mid-forties, I’m entering this stage of my life kicking and screaming. Wrinkles, sagging skin, dull skin, and eye bags are not on my agenda, no matter what my skin thinks. Oh how I hate eye bags more than all the rest. Nothing makes you look old faster than giant puffy […]

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Golden Hour Photography Lesson

The golden hour is a name used to define two different times of day when the light has a distinctive look to it that is not found during any other time. The golden hour occurs very close to the blue hour and both lighting situations are heavily sought after by photographers. What is the Golden […]

White balance in photography

White balance in photography refers to the color tint of a photograph, is a color seems to overlay the subjects so that their true colors are changed. Film, and the sensors of digital cameras, are calibrated for certain types of light. Whenever an image is shot under different lighting conditions than this calibration (or color […]