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Fried Pickles Recipe

Batter Fried Pickles Recipe

Fried pickles is a weakness of everyone in the family but me. Unfortunately, the appetizers at restaurants are extremely expensive and more fried pickles than the rest of the family can eat. So I came up with a fried pickle recipe on my own so my family can have fried pickles anytime without the restaurant. […]

Quick Kitchen Hack: Biscuit Cutter

Quick Kitchen Hack: Biscuit Cutter

There are as many different biscuit recipes as there are people…and probably more. But one thing that almost all of the recipes call for is cutting the biscuit dough into circles before baking. Now, there are a lot of biscuit cutters out there. Some cheap (that usually break really fast), others fairly expensive that last […]


Berenhardt Postcard

The Legend of the Jack O’Lantern

A fellow collector shared this story of the Irishman Jack and how the legend of the Jack O’Lantern came to be. But It wasn’t a pumpkin, it was actually a turnip! Jack was  a very mean Irishman, cruel to both women and children.  Jack spent most of the day drinking at the local pub and […]

Backyard Bird Guide Northern Cardinal

Backyard Bird Guide: Northern Cardinal

Backyard Bird Guide: Northern Cardinal Range: Most of the Eastern and Central United States (Click here for full map) Size: Northern Cardinals are large for songbirds (about 9″) but smaller than a crow. Shape: Slenderish perching birds that often look larger due to a tendency to puff out the feathers. Male and female both have […]

Entertainment & Travel

Bachelorette Interview-Patrick Jagodzinski

Meet Patrick Jagodzinski of The Bachelorette

Patrick Jagodzinski was one of the bachelors vying for the attentions of Andi Dorfman on the latest season of The Bachelorette. While he didn’t receive Andi’s final rose, he did have a memorable experience being on the show. Here he shares some of his thoughts about how things panned out, what he thinks of some […]

Top 10 Beach Photo Tips

Beach Photo Tips

Summertime is beach time! Don’t forget to get some great beach photos while you are on vacation this year. Check out my top 10 beach photo tips to help you get great photos. Beach Photo Tip #1: Protect Your Gear It isn’t sexy but protecting your gear is the first step to great beach photos. […]

Photography & Technology

MPix Review by Hubadub

You are likely to get a lot of funny looks when you first mention Mpix to those unfamiliar with them but once they try MPix as their photo lab. “M-What?” is the most common reaction. But they quickly forget the initial name confusion once they try out Mpix. Mpix is a full service consumer photo […]


Fall colors are a great subject for photography. Sure, there are tons of photos out there of Fall foliage but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy taking your own photos. So check out these Fall photo tips and go capture some great fall photo memories! Plan for the Color Change Leaves change color in the […]